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Stress Management

Uniondale, Long Island NY, near Westbury,
Hempstead, Nassau County, and surrounding areas

Also available: Executive Stress Management
Stress Management via telephone and online

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Stress Seminars | Relationship Coaching | Caregivers Compassion Fatigue | Workplace Bullying Prevention

NY Networking: Eileen Lichtenstein of Balance & Power discusses strategies for coping with stress management, worry & anger management issues.

How My Stress Management Seminars Can
Dramatically Increase Productivity in the Work Place

stress management long island Eileen Lichtenstein, MS.Ed., EFT-ADV
Do you experience stress, frustration or insecurity due to challenges you are experiencing in any of these areas of your life?
  • Is the amount of stress in your life affecting your job performance?
  • Is the over all moral of your team at the office lacking?
  • Have you noticed your team's enthusiasm for their career drifting away?
  • Is absenteeism on the rise?
  • Are you bringing your problems home from the office home?
  • Are you feeling overworked and burned out?
  • Do you have the time to exercise and eating properly?
  • Have you and/or your co-workers been "short tempered" lately?
  • I have the solution to these and many other problems relating to stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Reduce Stress-Frustration for Optimal Productivity!

Stress has been identified as the #1 health risk in America!

Lifestyles and stress levels can be changed with impressive results!
  • The goal of my Stress Management Seminars is to provide an understanding of the role stress plays in our lives, including recent studies of the impact of chronic stress on physical, emotional and mental states, and to provide experiences of different relaxation techniques that can be used in the daily lives of the participants.
A warning to women: Don't let work be something to die for.
  • Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that women with highly stressful jobs face a 40 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease. The study defined high stress jobs as ones where the woman felt she had little creativity or power to make decisions, despite being expected to perform tasks quickly. Stress levels were often raised because it is quite common for women have several non workplace tasks, including caring for children and aging relelatives.
Inner Strength
  • Inner strength and being centered are keys to life and business success! Eileen Lichtenstein has specialized for 20 years in work-life balance, stress reduction management, and career issues. She improves people ability to access the power already within them to bring about the balance needed to achieve their goals. Balance brings power to the process of decision-making! You will want to be a part of my incredible life changing stress management seminars!
  • With a background that includes innovative training, speaking, coaching and Biofeedback, I offer individuals and groups mind/body modalities and coaching strategies to facilitate success. My Stress Management Seminars are based in Westbury Long Island, New York, and have clients all over the country. My seminars range from in person events to live conference call tele-class series where you can benefit from my program from the comfort of your home.
caregivers compassion fatigue new york

Challenging Cognitive Distortions

The one most important piece of advice I have to give is this: Do not take something negative that someone says personally- it may be true – or perhaps it is simply the individual’s distorted perception.

We are each quite capable of creative interpretations – of cognitive distortions. You may be asking- what exactly is that?? Cognitive distortions are exaggerated and irrational thoughts that can hold us back from our true potential. There are many recognized cognitive distortions that are helpful to be familiar with – so you can turn yourself around and also recognize when others are on that path.

This is helpful in ‘not taking things personally,’ and puts you in the position to share your recognition of that with the one experiencing it.

compassion fatigue new york
A must read: The Balance & Power List of Cognitive Distortions

Eileen Lichtenstein on stress management Long Island
Manage Stress to Help Your Business Thrive
From, by Jamie Herzlich

Eileen on The Women's Prosperity Network

Interview with Eileen Lichtenstein and Q & A
Airdate: Nov 8, 2017

Topic: Staying Resilient! Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success

Listen Here:

Read More:

Finding Balance At Work- Advantage Payroll Services Perspectives
Q & A with Eileen Lichtenstein MS.Ed., EFT-ADV

Stress Management Coaching in Uniondale Long Island New York, Westbury, Hempstead Long Island and New York Metro Area

Read Eileen's Article:
Work-Life Integration For Women Entrepreneurs Long Island, NY

Source: Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal
Women Entrepreneurs Long Island, NY

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is intended to help people in any relationship such as married couples, unmarried couples, family members or co-workers. A relationship is always, like our lives, in a state of movement and change. A relationship coach helps you maximize that change in a positive way, places you more in control of it and of how you feel. Looking at events and what a person says in a different way, creating a new perspective or re-framing can help you reconnect with the positive aspects in a relationship and empower you to let go of the old patterns and perhaps, the relationship.

Download The 10 Tips to Building a Strong Relationship (pdf)

Parenting Skills Program to Reverse High Stress Parenting
[ Parenting Skills Programs Long Island NY ]

Court Approved Parenting Classes Long Island NY

It's easy for parents to feel overwhelmed, especially in today's world. This program shares stress and anger management strategies and how to become proficient Active Listeners and Conflict Resolution Practitioners essential in our busy home lives today.

Balance & Power Parenting Skills Program:
Learn Strategies/Techniques to Reduce and Cope with Anger

  • Learn Relaxation Exercises to reduce stress and tension

  • Learn Strategies to increase Frustration Tolerance

  • Learn Methods to project positive authority, discipline and limit setting

  • Learn about Age Appropriate Punishment-Warning, time to calm down, timeout, grounded, losing privileges

  • Learn how to handle children when they express frustration through anger and tantrums.

  • Learn how to set Healthy Boundaries, identify and promote respectful behavior.

Learn more about Parenting Classes Long Island NY

Eileen also offers Court Approved Parenting Classes in Long Island NY:
  • Letters accepted by the courts.
  • One to one, sliding scale fee, 6 sessions paid in advance.
  • Letter, certificate is given upon completion and letter when starting if needed.
  • Court Approved Parenting Classes

Caregivers: Prevent and Overcome Compassion Fatigue

Caregivers Support Groups, Compassion Fatigue

caregivers compassion fatigue long island Are you giving too much to others and have nothing left for yourself?
  • Do you go into isolation just to escape from the world and all the demands?

  • Do you find yourself burnt out, having nothing left to give to anyone?

  • Is food becoming a "go to"?
You could be a therapist, social worker, or special education teacher. Maybe even a physician, nurse or clergy. Or you could be a loving family member, a daughter or a son.

What we all have in common is "compassion fatigue" - When we start neglecting our own care and needs, caring for those who are sick becomes overwhelming.

It doesn't have to be that way anymore. You don't have to suffer in silence.

Signs of Compassion Fatigue for Caregivers

Determine what level of stress you may be experiencing in your role as a caregiver:

Sign 1: Feeling like you have to do it all yourself, and that you should be doing more (Compassion Fatigue)

Trying to be the sole caregiver may leave you feeling overwhelmed - emotionally and physically - and may make you feel isolated from others. You may worry that no one else can do it as well as you can, so you feel like you can't ask for help.

Allowing yourself to take a break each day - however brief - will help you be a better caregiver.

Sign 2: Withdrawing from family, friends and activities that you used to enjoy

Are you withdrawing from family and friends because you're afraid they will be uncomfortable around the person you are caring for? If so, help them understand the disease and its effect on everyone, including children. And remember, taking part in things that you enjoy not only gives you a break, it can also restore your energy.

Sign 3: Feeling anxious about money and healthcare decisions

You are not alone. This feeling, is of course, very common. Many caregivers feel anxiety over financial matters and future care needs. To gain confidence that you are making the best decisions you can, start planning early and involve the person you with you are caring for as much as possible.

Paying for Care Resource and Information:

Sign 4: Feeling grief or sadness that your relationship with the person isn't what it used to be

Sadness, grief, loneliness and anger are all normal feelings as conditions, such as Alzheimer's, slowly takes away the person you care about and your life is forever changed. Expect to feel loss and grief. But don't be afraid to acknowledge your feelings and to seek the comfort of others who understand.

Sign 5: Having health problems that are taking a toll on you mentally and physically

Caregiver Support
Finding ways to take time for yourself, eat right, exercise and go to the doctor is challenging when your to-do list is already too long. But taking care of yourself should be at the top of your list. When you keep yourself healthy, you'll be a better caregiver.

compassion fatigue long island

Workplace Bullying Prevention Programs

Balance & Power, Inc. has been addressing stress and anger management issues for two decades, corporately and in the educational and private sectors, and is now facilitating Workplace Bullying Prevention trainings. Bullying in the workplace has reached epidemic proportions - it is our goal to help eliminate these type of situations.

Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO, believes inner strength and being centered are keys to optimal productivity and happiness. She is a Certified Anger Management Specialist, accepted by the US courts, a former Biofeedback Practitioner, and former faculty member at Hofstra University.

Download: Workplace Bullying Prevention Programs (pdf)

Eileen on AM1240 Long Island Radiocaregivers long island

Listen to Eileen Discuss Bullying and Workplace Bullying Prevention Programs on Her Guest Appearance on:
The Mediator, hosted by Jeffrey M. Bloom, AM1240 Long Island Radio

Listen Here:

What people are saying about Eileen's Stress Management Seminars:

sensitivity training Long Island "Eileen's Presentation was very engaging and well received by all. We are living in an economic climate full of stress and endless things to do. Most people do not take the time out of their busy schedules to relax, balance and effectively manage the stress in their lives. Your program is highly recommended for all to become a well-rounded, balanced person."
- Georgia Joseph-Gant, Director
Freeport Business & Professional Resource Support Group

"Eileen's seminars were interesting, informative and presented in a clear and unique way. The techniques she taught us are valuable techniques for reducing stress on the job."
- E.I., Associate Provost for Information Systems, Hofstra University.

"I was impressed not only by your professionalism, but also by the personalized attention that each employee received from you during and after each session. You came very well prepared and your activities were interesting . Our employees were thrilled with your sessions. Many, with your assistance, have been able to reduce their stress in the workplace."
- J.H., Human Resources, Margolin, Winer & Evens, LLP.

More Testimonials Here

Get Started:
Stress Reduction and Management Seminars


The success of my Stress Reduction and Management Seminars are based on the simple techniques, that can be used in any setting to quickly produce a reduction in the level of stress being experienced in today's turbulent world, both in and out of the work place.
  • Integrating stress reduction/prevention/intervention techniques and a strong awareness of personal triggers to help bypass personal panic buttons from being pushed are goals of the program.

  • Participants are encouraged to create personal goals to reduce stress and for work/life balance issues, especially in the realm of time management. Follow-up individual and team coaching is encouraged for optimal, consistent results.

  • Workplace Stress Relief Tips will be given throughout the seminar.

caregivers compassion fatigue new york

Overcome Overwhelm NOW
Stress Management Strategies & Techniques

  • How to reduce stress
  • Personal goal setting
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Personal Developement
Explore strategies to reduce stress, release anger, and deal effectively with others. Anger and communication issues are highly affected by stress levels.

Eileen's interactive exercises & worksheets throughout the book are easy to follow while guiding you step by step through her process to success.

Looking for a career change, a reinvention? And if you are simply feeling overwhelmed with life, "sandwich generation" or parenting issues, Eileen's new ebook collection will help get you get unstuck, be fearless and SOAR!

Part of the "SOAR! with Resilience™ Series: The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success"

Cost: $9.95
[Downloadable in PDF Format]

Click Here to Order

If you need immediate help here are some stress tips you can implement today:

  • Take Cleansing Breaths: Three sets of deep inhalations through the nose (belly rising) and exhaling through the nose, (abdomen deflating) can (temporarily) change
    your physiology.

  • Stretch: Practice Office Yoga and the Moving Meditation? Fitness Program
    throughout the day to release/reduce tension and increase energy.

  • Walk: A five minute walk outside can change your mood and mindset.

  • Listen to Music: A mood changer.

  • Eat Peacefully: This aids the digestion and gives you "time away". Leave your office!

  • Allow Time: Give yourself extra time for the unexpected.

  • Smile and Laugh: Humor has been proven effective in reducing stress.

  • CLICK HERE for more tips you can implement today!

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