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Relaxation By Our Wellness Consultant Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed., CPT.

Life/ Business Coach, Consultant
President, Balance & Power and Moving Meditation® Fitness

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Clients,

I hope you've all enjoyed the summer and are well.

I'd like to share some observations..

There is a wonderful weeping willow tree at the 7th hole, Hewlett Bay Park golf course. The wind was whipping up pre tropical storm Ernesto and the willows (is that what you call them?) were blowing, "that way" my friend said, as she pointed north.  I thought they were swaying back and forth, dancing in the wind.  A lovely image.

Driving towards the Poconos on a "road trip", going to a Bob Dylan concert (a fundraiser for Katrina victims) at Penn State, I guided my car mate through a "mountain meditation" . . . very powerfully centering and grounding.  Several days later, I found myself standing in the balancing/ focusing yogic "tree pose".  I sustained it for an unusually long time (for me) and felt empowered.

I've been able to call upon these powerful images and feelings throughout the past week, as I've been immersed in the events surrounding my father-in-law's passing.  He was 98 and he was ready.

During this funeral - Shiva "time warp" I've been grateful to be able to call upon my inner resources and am ready to move forward with connections and projects started up before these events. I am writing  on the eve of 9/11. Mourning, pausing and moving on... celebrating life, family and friends, being grateful.  

I'm working with Ann Fry, in launching an exciting new venue “It'sBoomerTime®,,  a resource site and more for Baby Boomers. We're marketing a “Boomer Time Birthday Bash " for March, 2007 in NYC, the first of Baby Boomer Birthday circuit parties across the US.! . Find out about “It’s Boomer Time!cruise on the Norwegian Dawn for July 2007 click here for more info . We are actively seeking sponsors for both venues. The cruise will include a trade show.  Please check out our calendar for upcoming events and series.

Rosh Hashonah and the start of Fall . . . links in the chain of life between yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s hopes.

Namaste Om Shanti  (Light to you.  I am peaceful).




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