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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Clients,

Just back from a European trip visiting our daughters in Madrid and London. It was wonderful; especially San Sebastian in Northern Spain where the mountains meet the sea. Many of you know in Europe it is standard to have 4-6 or more weeks for vacation from work. Something we can add to our American Dream work ethic!

I hope each of you are doing well. I’ve met many interesting and positive people this season and am reconnecting with long time friends, clients and networking colleagues. A jingle I learned in Girl Scouts comes to mind: “Make new friends and keep the old, One is silver and th other gold! I’m taking this opportunity to thank all of you who have have gifted me with your presence, talents and generosity!

I’m starting 2 new groups in Baldwin for Hatha Yoga/Pilates (all levels, adaptable):Tues. 7:30PM-8:30 PM 6 or 8 week session starting 7/11 and Saturday AM 10AM-11AM starting 6/24. The fee is $120 (6 weeks) $160 (8weeks). Payment in full is required to register and space is limited, so reserve now! I will be forming additional groups to accommodate schedules for summer and fall, so let me know what you need!

I coach one:one life and business coaching sessions in Baldwin, on site and via telephone. In addition to personal and executive coaching, yoga-pilates-meditation, stress reducing techniques, fitness training and wellness issues may be addressed and integrated into the coaching sessions.

Find out about onsite facilitations and motivational speaking for your group or business, and mind/body lifestyle theme cruises… to sail on the 8/17/06 mind/body fundraiser cruise to Nova Scotia, please reserve by 6/30! Details:

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

Be Well and Happy,



© 2006 Eileen Lichtenstein


Balance and Power and Moving Meditation® Fitness is collaborating with
Away u Go Travel, offering Mind/Body ~Life Balance ~ Healthy Lifestyle Cruises.

These life management/stress reduction programs are
being taken out of the corporate boardroom “on board”!

"Power Aging..The Boomers are Coming!", "Power Networking for Women in Business", "Power Parenting" are in the planning stages for 2007.


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Life/ Business Coach, Consultant
President, Balance & Power and Moving Meditation® Fitness
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