Travel and Bed Yoga Interventions

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're taking some time out and enjoying the summer. If you're going on a trip, take it from one well-traveled: Cramped positions in narrow economy class seats, hips being bruised by inflexible arm rests, calves cramping, feet and arms falling asleep, screaming muscles in neck and shoulder preventing little cat naps can wreak havoc on a well planned journey, not to mention over-walking when you get to your destination when it's a touring scenario.

Travel yoga intervention can bring relief from back/neck/leg pain, lessen anxiety, increase mental focus, circulation, flexibility and stamina, lower blood pressure and heart rate. Even flight magazines suggest a few stretches and deep breathing instructions. Be creative by adapting regular yoga poses into partially isometric ones: use your seat to do back and head presses, pretend stand ups, twisting, or walking in place. And every half hour, practice some sort of calf pump action, intensely stretching and flexing the legs, and never cross them.

Upon checking into a room or cabin, try bed yoga to get out the kinks and relax: Knee-to-chest, spinal twists, angry cat and child's pose are good for every back. Now just close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose (abdomen expanding before chest) and exhale with nose or mouth, (abdomen deflating last) and dream of this wonderful vacation you deserve!

My audio program Moving Meditation® Fitness is a helpful travel accessory with guided imagery/breath work for stretching and relaxation. For more information, visit the Products page of my website.

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