Long may you run, long may you run,
Although these changes have come.
With your chrome heart shinin' in the sun,
long may you run.

Neil Young

Powerful Alignment

Be more...
  • Successful!
  • Happy and Joyful!
  • Fearless!
  • Healthy!
  • Playful
  • Loving!
  • Forgiving!
  • Centered and Peaceful!
  • Energized!
  • Creative!
  • Safe!
WOW! That's a lot, and it's real simple. That is, if you know what to do, ask for help and emerse yourself among positive, supportive people. Part of my "balance" is chakra opening/chi movement sessions with my wonderful acupuncturist, Maria Antonopoulos, based in Baldwin and Old Bethpage, NY acupuncture.li. In the last few months I've been busy aligning and realigning with very powerful people in the realm of life and business. Stay tuned for more on the biz end.

A current contemplation for me is to blog or not to blog - your thoughts?

I'll be emailing inspirational quotes and a few words about each on a regular basis. So keep an eye out for Power Quotes in your inbox from me.

Check out my groups for April/May: Executive, Life, and Transitional Success/Stress Reduction Coaching in Baldwin, and a Long Island Coaching Alliance venue on April 5, 2008. Visit my Events page to find out more.

Have a glorious day/night and stay on my radar!

April 2008