keep on lyin'

While your people
keep on dyin'

World keep on turnin'
'Cause it won't be too long.

I'm so darn glad
He let me try it again
'cause my last time on earth
I lived a whole world of sin.
I'm so glad that I know
more than I knew then
gonna keep on tryin'
till I reach the
Highest Ground.

Higher Ground
Stevie Wonder

Hi Everyone!

I'm happy to have you all on board and reading this!
Bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, fires and floods throughout the world leave us shaking our heads (if we're not severely affected) and moving on. It seems we can get used to almost anything (ie: too much email?) Let's make our 'green' contributions noticeable www.planetthoughts.org is a locally run globally conscious site that is currently running a great contest ...check it out!

I'm a passionate advocate of work-life balance; life balance has always been a personal priority for me and is for many of my clients. Carving time out to Relax and Recharge, whatever that means to you, is worth it! August is also prime time to 'clear out', 'create space' and 'invest energies' in new beginnings / reorganization. With this in mind, I invite everyone in the NY metro area to attend a Balance and Power™ Success Group/Networking/ Fundraiser on August 19 10AM -12 noon. A recent addition to my toolbox as a coach and educator is to teach and facilitate the powerful techniques of Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping, EFT) at the above mentioned event. A current executive client will help me demonstrate these amazing techniques and share some of his extraordinary results. www.balanceandpower.com/events.php We will be raising funds for www.goldenautismfund.org .

For Monty-Python fans, and everyone else, I recommend seeing 'Spamalot' the play.
3 hours of laughing~ and it's on 1/2 price tix in NY. We also had a wonderful time and NYC views recently on the "Circle Line Blues Cruise".

Steve and I are looking forward to our Fall European travels
to London - Edinburgh - Budapest - Madrid. As you may know, our daughters reside in London and Madrid. I'll take lots of pics and come back with stories.

New for Fall!! The Balance and Power™ Success Group MasterMind 6 week Telephone Series I will be facilitating, beginning 10/13 (yes, Columbus Day) 7:00PM to 8:00PM.

To your Balance and Power!
Namaste Shanti, (Peace and Light)

August 2008